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Treasure Island

Treasure Island is a large privately owned plot of land that exists within the virtual world of Entropia Universe.
This website provides current news and information about the island for the benefit of fellow participants and others that are interested in following the Islands development.

Changes to Treasure Island creature spawns

Posted by Deathifier on 2013-8-18 at 1:58AM

The following changes have been made to the islands creature spawns:

* Reduction of Bristlehog density (one DNA deactivated) on a trial basis.
* Changed maturity for Frescoquda to young/mature, down from mature/old/provider.

MindArk and Planet Calypso have released a large number of Frescoquda parts recently so please contact other land area owners if you wish to see higher maturity Frescoquda on their areas.

The map has been updated on the website and in-world.


No further Egg event related spawns on Treasure Island

Posted by Deathifier on 2013-5-24 at 5:32AM

Hi Entropia Community,
During the Egg event there have been some temporary event-related spawns on the Island.
These have often overlapped with the islands normal spawns, causing problems for the affected areas.

After the first round of temporary spawns persisted longer than expected, resulting in high generation Second Entities impacting hunting in the North Drake’s area, MindArk and Planet Calypso were asked to move or remove that and other overlapping spawns and to ensure that further spawns do not overlap with my regular creatures.

Since there is plenty of free space around some of the islands infrastructure hubs, not to mention further afield (e.g. the islands entire east coast), it is considered rather easy to find suitable spots for temporary spawns.

To address the issue MindArk and Planet Calypso have indicated that they removed all Egg-related temporary spawns on the 16th of May and will not be placing any further Egg-event related spawns on the island.

Unfortunately they seemed to have missed the Robots hanging around near the Castle Teleporter.
They have been informed of this and will hopefully clear them out properly in the near future.


OLA-33 - Maturity reduction of Maffoid

Posted by Deathifier on 2012-7-1 at 10:45AM

Hi Everyone,
The maturity slider on OLA-33 has been unlocked and over the next few weeks the Maffoid present will shrink from the current Raider, Warrior, and Berserker maturities towards their lowest maturity – Outcast.


TI - Letomie and Bristlehog Maturity Changes

Posted by Deathifier on 2010-11-1 at 5:00AM

Today the Letomie Maturity trial on Treasure Island has ended.
The Mature/Old mix will now return to the original Young/Mature mix over the next week.

In addition the Bristlehog on the island have been reduced to Young and Mature, down from their previous Mature/Old/Provider/Guardian mix.

Have fun out there!
- Deathifier

Cornundacauda Spawn Maturities on TI changed to Young and Mature

Posted by Deathifier on 2010-10-7 at 7:01AM

After a variety of feedback from the community and the recent unexpected addition of an Iron Challenge mission involving Cornundacauda the decision has been made to restore the Cornundacauda and set its maturity to Young and Mature.

Do note that this spawn is only powered by two DNA at present and thus, like the Foul spawn, may not fare so well during periods of high activity.

The Cornundacauda spawn is located Northwest of TI Castle and South of TI Volcanic Edge teleporters.

- Deathifier

Treasure Island Letomie Maturity Change

Posted by Deathifier on 2010-9-16 at 8:00AM

Hi Everyone,
At the request of some active Letomie hunters I have made a slight adjustment to the Letomie maturity.

It is now primarily Mature, with some Old and Young around too.

The change will last at least two weeks whilst it is evaluated.


Treasure Islands Cornundacauda Spawn

Posted by Deathifier on 2010-9-15 at 11:06AM

Hi Everyone,
Over the past several months activity on Treasure Islands Cornundacauda Stalker spawn has steadily dropped to a level where it seems very few people, if anyone, actually hunt them.

The spawn itself is currently partly disabled, as I was measuring the impact of the spawn being temporarily reduced.

Since there was no impact it was pretty easy to conclude that almost nobody hunts there :)

So I would like to hear some feedback from the community as to the need for the spawn.

In particular I would like to know:
- Have people found a huntable Cornundacauda Stalker spawn elsewhere?
- Would people prefer a different Cornundacauda maturity?
- Would people prefer the spawn disabled to provide another mining region?
- Would people prefer some other spawn to replace it?

All comments are welcome, and you can send those comments via:
My Direct Contact Form


Recovering the Unique Green Atrox Egg from the Maffoid

Posted by Deathifier on 2010-7-29 at 2:49AM

For over a month The Egg has sat in a dark shed out in the middle of the frozen wastes of western Amethera, its position having been pinpointed by a number of adventurous colonists.

It is now time to recover The Egg so that it can begin its journey back to Treasure Island.

This requires the Maffoid threat in the area to be temporarily neutralised.

Three separate hour-long assaults will be launched on the 1st of August, their targets being the Maffoid Leadership Caste that resides in OLA-33.

These assaults will be organised through the Calypso Event System, and entry is free.

Calypso Colonists are invited to join in one or more of the assaults.

The three people who collect the most loot from fallen Maffoid in each assault will each be rewarded with 175 PED for their efforts.

Colonists who wish to participate yet do not wish to engage the Maffoid directly are invited to scout for those fighting and discuss strategies for returning The Egg to Treasure Island.
The results of these strategy discussions will help determine the path The Egg takes on its way home.

If you wish to participate please register at the OLA-33 control tower, located here: 21700, 43250

The nearest teleporter is located on OLA-34 at: 23000, 44200

To avoid last minute complications please register in advance.

The times of the assaults are below and I look forward to seeing you there :)
- Deathifier

Assault One: Australian
Entropia Time (UTC) - 10:30am
SA/NT - 8pm
WA - 6:30pm
New Zealand - 10:30pm

Assault Two: European
Entropia Time (UTC) - 7:30pm (19:30)
France/Germany - 9:30pm
Sweden - 9:30pm

Assault Three: American
Entropia Time (UTC) - 2:30am (2nd August)
Pacific Time - 7:30pm (1st August)
Mountain Time - 8:30pm
Central Time - 9:30pm
Eastern Time - 10:30pm

Security Footage of Egg Theft and Additional Rewards Offered!

Posted by Deathifier on 2010-5-18 at 7:44AM

Whilst the community has valiantly searched for my missing egg I have been reviewing security footage of the incident.

I am pleased to be able to share an image captured moments before the theft from camera #1, mounted on the eastern entryway.

This camera was originally pointed directly at The Egg however prior to stealing The Egg someone or something turned it to the side, presumably in attempt to prevent the theft being recorded.

Unfortunately whilst the camera detected this tampering the built-in alarm system failed, and the logs show that there were a number of other minor technical failures prior to this – one of them being in the time tracking and synchronisation system.

In addition it was discovered that camera #2, on the western entry and still facing the egg, was not operational that day.
My Egg guards, suspiciously absent at the time of the theft, report that they went indoors for the night and heard nothing beyond the crackling of the fireplace.

There has been some good news in that the colonist security and theft prevention system was and still is 100% operational, indicating that The Egg was not stolen by another colonist and that the government is not playing tricks on us.

As a result I have been able to request a trace of The Egg via the governments' item tracking system, which should yield further information that will help locate The Egg.

As this trace may take some time I encourage the community to review the security footage - it may contain clues as to whereabouts of The Egg.

The reward of 50 PED to the first person to find the egg on each forum still stands, and an additional 10 rewards of 5 PED each will be awarded to the following 10 people to find the egg on each forum.
Note that a single colonist may only receive one reward.

If you find the egg you are encouraged to report it even if others have already done so as I would like overwhelming evidence of its location before I form a recovery team :)

Thank you for your assistance thus far.
- Deathifier

Egg Security Camera Image

Where did my Egg go!? Reward offered for whoever finds it!

Posted by Deathifier on 2010-5-17 at 11:24AM

My Egg is missing!

It is believed that last Friday someone or something swapped out The Egg for a fake and took off with the real one.
I only learned about the theft when I arrived at the Australia vs. Italy match on Sunday and a fellow team member, Addz, informed me that my pretty Green Atrox Egg has been replaced by a rather small imitation decorative egg.

Worst of all this imitation egg isn’t even the right colour!

By now whoever or whatever has taken The Egg could be anywhere on Calypso.

Thus I require assistance from the community in locating my Egg and finding out who or what is responsible for taking it. The thieves will then be dealt with appropriately :)

I am offering two 50 PED rewards for information on, and visual confirmation of, the location of my Egg.

The first person to post visual confirmation (a screenshot) of The Egg in this EntropiaForum thread will receive a 50 PED reward.

The first person to post visual confirmation (a screenshot) of The Egg in this EntropiaPlanets thread will receive a 50 PED reward.

NOTE: A single avatar may receive at most one reward (i.e. if you post in both threads you will only win once).

IMPORTANT: The screenshot of The Egg must clearly show your avatar name and the current date and time in the chat window. You may obscure other details such as the balance of your PED card and the other content in your chat window.

CLUES: At present the only clue available is that whoever or whatever stole The Egg has likely gotten tired of carrying it around (The Egg is rather heavy after all) and has put it down somewhere.

Further clues may become available after I review security footage from the suspected time of theft and debrief my lazy egg guards.

In the meantime please help find my Egg!

- Deathifier