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No further Egg event related spawns on Treasure Island

Posted by Deathifier on 2013-5-24 at 5:32AM

Hi Entropia Community,
During the Egg event there have been some temporary event-related spawns on the Island.
These have often overlapped with the islands normal spawns, causing problems for the affected areas.

After the first round of temporary spawns persisted longer than expected, resulting in high generation Second Entities impacting hunting in the North Drake’s area, MindArk and Planet Calypso were asked to move or remove that and other overlapping spawns and to ensure that further spawns do not overlap with my regular creatures.

Since there is plenty of free space around some of the islands infrastructure hubs, not to mention further afield (e.g. the islands entire east coast), it is considered rather easy to find suitable spots for temporary spawns.

To address the issue MindArk and Planet Calypso have indicated that they removed all Egg-related temporary spawns on the 16th of May and will not be placing any further Egg-event related spawns on the island.

Unfortunately they seemed to have missed the Robots hanging around near the Castle Teleporter.
They have been informed of this and will hopefully clear them out properly in the near future.