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Where did my Egg go!? Reward offered for whoever finds it!

Posted by Deathifier on 2010-5-17 at 11:24AM

My Egg is missing!

It is believed that last Friday someone or something swapped out The Egg for a fake and took off with the real one.
I only learned about the theft when I arrived at the Australia vs. Italy match on Sunday and a fellow team member, Addz, informed me that my pretty Green Atrox Egg has been replaced by a rather small imitation decorative egg.

Worst of all this imitation egg isn’t even the right colour!

By now whoever or whatever has taken The Egg could be anywhere on Calypso.

Thus I require assistance from the community in locating my Egg and finding out who or what is responsible for taking it. The thieves will then be dealt with appropriately :)

I am offering two 50 PED rewards for information on, and visual confirmation of, the location of my Egg.

The first person to post visual confirmation (a screenshot) of The Egg in this EntropiaForum thread will receive a 50 PED reward.

The first person to post visual confirmation (a screenshot) of The Egg in this EntropiaPlanets thread will receive a 50 PED reward.

NOTE: A single avatar may receive at most one reward (i.e. if you post in both threads you will only win once).

IMPORTANT: The screenshot of The Egg must clearly show your avatar name and the current date and time in the chat window. You may obscure other details such as the balance of your PED card and the other content in your chat window.

CLUES: At present the only clue available is that whoever or whatever stole The Egg has likely gotten tired of carrying it around (The Egg is rather heavy after all) and has put it down somewhere.

Further clues may become available after I review security footage from the suspected time of theft and debrief my lazy egg guards.

In the meantime please help find my Egg!

- Deathifier