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Security Footage of Egg Theft and Additional Rewards Offered!

Posted by Deathifier on 2010-5-18 at 7:44AM

Whilst the community has valiantly searched for my missing egg I have been reviewing security footage of the incident.

I am pleased to be able to share an image captured moments before the theft from camera #1, mounted on the eastern entryway.

This camera was originally pointed directly at The Egg however prior to stealing The Egg someone or something turned it to the side, presumably in attempt to prevent the theft being recorded.

Unfortunately whilst the camera detected this tampering the built-in alarm system failed, and the logs show that there were a number of other minor technical failures prior to this – one of them being in the time tracking and synchronisation system.

In addition it was discovered that camera #2, on the western entry and still facing the egg, was not operational that day.
My Egg guards, suspiciously absent at the time of the theft, report that they went indoors for the night and heard nothing beyond the crackling of the fireplace.

There has been some good news in that the colonist security and theft prevention system was and still is 100% operational, indicating that The Egg was not stolen by another colonist and that the government is not playing tricks on us.

As a result I have been able to request a trace of The Egg via the governments' item tracking system, which should yield further information that will help locate The Egg.

As this trace may take some time I encourage the community to review the security footage - it may contain clues as to whereabouts of The Egg.

The reward of 50 PED to the first person to find the egg on each forum still stands, and an additional 10 rewards of 5 PED each will be awarded to the following 10 people to find the egg on each forum.
Note that a single colonist may only receive one reward.

If you find the egg you are encouraged to report it even if others have already done so as I would like overwhelming evidence of its location before I form a recovery team :)

Thank you for your assistance thus far.
- Deathifier

Egg Security Camera Image