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Recovering the Unique Green Atrox Egg from the Maffoid

Posted by Deathifier on 2010-7-29 at 2:49AM

For over a month The Egg has sat in a dark shed out in the middle of the frozen wastes of western Amethera, its position having been pinpointed by a number of adventurous colonists.

It is now time to recover The Egg so that it can begin its journey back to Treasure Island.

This requires the Maffoid threat in the area to be temporarily neutralised.

Three separate hour-long assaults will be launched on the 1st of August, their targets being the Maffoid Leadership Caste that resides in OLA-33.

These assaults will be organised through the Calypso Event System, and entry is free.

Calypso Colonists are invited to join in one or more of the assaults.

The three people who collect the most loot from fallen Maffoid in each assault will each be rewarded with 175 PED for their efforts.

Colonists who wish to participate yet do not wish to engage the Maffoid directly are invited to scout for those fighting and discuss strategies for returning The Egg to Treasure Island.
The results of these strategy discussions will help determine the path The Egg takes on its way home.

If you wish to participate please register at the OLA-33 control tower, located here: 21700, 43250

The nearest teleporter is located on OLA-34 at: 23000, 44200

To avoid last minute complications please register in advance.

The times of the assaults are below and I look forward to seeing you there :)
- Deathifier

Assault One: Australian
Entropia Time (UTC) - 10:30am
SA/NT - 8pm
WA - 6:30pm
New Zealand - 10:30pm

Assault Two: European
Entropia Time (UTC) - 7:30pm (19:30)
France/Germany - 9:30pm
Sweden - 9:30pm

Assault Three: American
Entropia Time (UTC) - 2:30am (2nd August)
Pacific Time - 7:30pm (1st August)
Mountain Time - 8:30pm
Central Time - 9:30pm
Eastern Time - 10:30pm