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Treasure Islands Cornundacauda Spawn

Posted by Deathifier on 2010-9-15 at 11:06AM

Hi Everyone,
Over the past several months activity on Treasure Islands Cornundacauda Stalker spawn has steadily dropped to a level where it seems very few people, if anyone, actually hunt them.

The spawn itself is currently partly disabled, as I was measuring the impact of the spawn being temporarily reduced.

Since there was no impact it was pretty easy to conclude that almost nobody hunts there :)

So I would like to hear some feedback from the community as to the need for the spawn.

In particular I would like to know:
- Have people found a huntable Cornundacauda Stalker spawn elsewhere?
- Would people prefer a different Cornundacauda maturity?
- Would people prefer the spawn disabled to provide another mining region?
- Would people prefer some other spawn to replace it?

All comments are welcome, and you can send those comments via:
My Direct Contact Form