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The Owner

Treasure Island is privately owned by Zachurm "Deathifier" Emegen.

Often found in the Service Center or his Mansion close to the central island teleporter Deathifier spends most of his time in Project Entropia ensuring things are running nice and smoothly, investigating and planning potential improvements and chatting to the many visitors that pass through each day.

In those rare times he can sneak away without being noticed Deathifier likes to get out into the wilderness for a nice, peaceful hunting or mining trip. Deathifier also has an interest in the manufacturing sector, particularly mass production and consumable items and patiently waits until such features are introduced.

Deathifier is part of the Dark Knights of Calpyso society, having joined in September 2004 after being a freelancer for a year and a half. The Dark Knights are a group of very smart, experienced and friendly people and have made my experience within Project Entropia much more interesting!

Deathifier in his suit.


Behind the avatar is David Storey, the person responsible for ongoing operations of Treasure Island among other tasks.

Daivd is currently a PhD student at the University of Sydney, Australia and is looking at how to measure a players performance in Computer Games using User Modelling and Machine Learning.

At present the research is focussing more on Single Player games rather than Multiplayer or Massively Multiplayer (e.g. Project Entropia) games.

When not studying I'm usually in Project Entropia taking care of business or enjoying myself.

Free time is also spent on the usual real life tasks or out and about with friends :)

David Storey