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The Island

Treasure Island is located on the continent of Amethera within Project Entropia and covers 25 square kilometers of land. Within this area is a thriving ecosystem containing a large variety of plants and animals all residing comfortably alongside three fully-serviced human settlements.

Around the island hunters will find a variety of creatures to chase (or be chased by!) including a sizeable force of Robots.
Miners will find a number of different types of Ore and Energy Matter buried in the ground.

Map Showing Treasure Island (circled).

Map showing Treasure Island (circled).


Several services are available on the island and are provided free of charge, these include:


Those who wish to visit the island need only to step into any teleporter, press the "Change Continent" button until Amethera shows (see the map above for what it looks like) and select the first teleporter shown.
All players are provided with the Treasure Island teleporter upon arrival to Calypso and there are no restrictions related to visiting and exploring the island.

Visitors are encouraged to visit both the Northern Shores estate group and TI City to obtain access details for those two very important teleporters.