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Hunting on Treasure Island

Spread across the island are a variety of creatures for you to challenge. Some of these are native to the island, some were introduced, and some were resurrected from the dead or fabricated from alien materials.
The result is the most diverse assortment of creatures on Calypso, all located in one region and easily accessible from the islands teleporters.

Use the following map (which is also present at the Central TI Teleporter) to quickly locate areas of interest and then check their details under the appropriate section further down.

Note that after the Modernisation Program of Februray 2009 the map has been updated, but the info for each creature has not.

Map of Treasure Island Habitat Zones

Western Parkland - Bristlehog

Bristlehog have made their home here on the gently rolling hills and lush vegetation that comprise the western side of the island.
These small, fast creatures can be difficult to spot as they tend to blend in with the vegetation in the area.
Be aware that the generally peaceful Bristlehog can deliver quite a nasty electrical shock when defending itself, particularly if you encounter the larger varieties.

Northern Parkland - Empty

Covering the access pathway to the northern shores teleport this area is currently empty pending the creation of the DNA of a weak, peaceful creature.
Miners and travellers are encouraged to take advantage of the lack of creatures.

Eastern Parkland - Hogglo

In the East reside the fearsome Hogglo, a true challenge for even the most powerful of hunters. If you are considering taking on these mighty beasts it is highly recommended you use heavy armour, carry powerful weapons and bring along a group of friends!

Hook Area - Globster

Contained within this area is the Globster - a mutant created as a result of Robot DNA Cloning experiments conducted on Professor Niels Barton.
The parts required for this DNA were recovered from various robots and the Globster was placed into this area for study and analysis by Humans.
Slow yet deadly the Globster can be easily dispatched by a group of players using long-range weapons and having those people the Globster is chasing retreat once it gets closer.

Watery Shores - Cornundacauda

A number of very large Cornundacauda have been drawn to this area and can be found in a narrow band that runs along the southern edge of the island. Hunters will find the Teleporter at TI City to be most convenient should they wish to check these creatures out.

Wild Allophyl

In the far northwest and across the river to the southeast Allophyl roam freely across fairly large areas that are only partially within the islands boundaries.

Robots - Drones, Warriors, Second Entities

Robots are still present on the island and currently occupy an area in the southeast of the island around a previously unknown building that does not appear to be functional yet.
Various generation drones and warriors can usually be found patrolling the area, with the powerful Second Entity also present. Occasionally higher level generations and even warlocks are seen, often in conjunction with robot assaults on other population centers throughout Calypso.