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Northern Estates and Hangars

Treasure Island's north-eastern tip was the second site of estates on the island and consists of a combination of large mansions and hangars, all located on the shoreline and right next to a teleporter.

Each mansion-sized estate provides its owner with a spacious ground floor, a smaller second floor and in some cases a third floor - all providing excellent views of the nearby river. Their large size makes them perfect for entertaining of guests or simply for sitting back, relaxing and admiring the view from your own private observation area.

Hangars are also present in the area and represent Treasure Islands very own starport!
Hangar owners are able to fly to and from various space destinations either alone or carrying a group and some hangar owners operate a travel service, ferrying passengers around whilst others simply use it as personal transport.
If you are looking for a ride to or from space please check out the Spaceflight page.

Northern Estates are accessible from the Northern Shores Teleporter, located at X: 22970, Y: 26513

See the following sections for further details:

Area Map

Northern Estates Map

Hangar Details

North Estate Details

Skipper Estate Details