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Estates are an integral part of Treasure Island and were the first stage of colonisation of Amethera after its rediscovery with several being built not long after the teleportation beacons allowed easy access to the island and the southwest of Amethera.

Various types of estates now exist around the island and these are grouped into the primary categories of houses and hangars. Each estate has high limits on items, guests and external NPC avatars (such as shopkeepers) to ensure that you can decorate, entertain and conduct business without worrying about running into arbitrary limits.

All estates are within a minute or two of a teleporter so there is no long distance running in order for you and your guests to reach your estate. For the business minded there is a considerable amount of traffic going past many of the estates providing good exposure for any shops you setup.

Living on Treasure Island also has several benefits, such as:

Estate Areas

Lake ViewNorthern Shores
Lake View EstatesNorthern Estates

Located in the middle of Treasure Island near the teleporter, mansion and bar are these large estates perfectly suited for those looking for a nice home or place of business close to a teleporter.

On the northeastern tip of the island are several large and luxurious estates along with a group of hangars.

Treasure Island Mansion

This stylish mansion is the private residence of Deathifier. The mansion is used as a meeting area and place of business and has also been host to a number of parties and even a few competitions.
When not in use by Deathifier for his activities the mansion is kept open to the public so that anyone can venture inside to see the decorations and other items on display or use it for their own meetings and events.
Easily reached by just a short run North from the central island teleporter everyone is encouraged to visit and enjoy the place :)

Deathifier also owner Treasure Island Hangar #01, located south of the mansion, which is used as his private transport to and from various space destinations.